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Q: After I begin taking sleeping pills, will I be able to stop taking them?
A: If you canft sleep, it is important to take sleeping pills because insomnia can cause various symptoms. High-quality sleep improves your capacity to heal and will heal you earlier. After your sleeping has improved, you can sleep without sleeping pills. Therefore, if you donft take pills, your recovery may be seriously delayed.
Q: Ifm scared that the medicine will change my mental condition.
A: Certainly the medicine will change your mental condition. But after you have recovered, you donft need to take the medicine unless you have a persistant condition. Because you will recover faster, you will suffer from mental problems for a shorter time. Psychotherapy canft improve you as quickly.
Q: Will the medicine be a permanent remedy?
A: I think a permanent remedy doesnft exist in the psychological world. Even a perfect person will get heavily depressed when he/she has a really terrible experience. Therefore the possibility that you would get depressed depends on the strength of stress and your resistance to depression. There are people who are more resistant to stress and there are people who are more susceptible to stress. You feel stress more when you dislike your work than when you like your work.
When taking the medicine, you improve your mental condition and if you also change your circumstance(ex. change your post) the way of thinking and the way of cognition, you can increase your capacity to heal and act and work normally. If stress gets too strong, your capacity to heal will become weak, and you become unstable. Therefore you have to know how you react to stress.
p:Can I have counseling immediately?
A: After the doctor sees you, he decides if counseling is appropriate for you. If the counselor agrees with you about the date, the counseling will start.
Q: I have never been to a psychiatric clinic, what do I do?
A: At first the doctor will ask your symptom, and ask what happened in your past, for example, your schooling history and the structure of your family. Therefore the doctor knows your background and determines the cause of the disease. You may think that the doctor asks about private things too directly, but these questions become a hint by which the doctor decides the method of therapy. The patient shouldnft hesitate to speak about private things. The doctor always wants to know private things about the patient.
@Afterwards in principle the doctor prescribes medicine. But if necessary and possible, he adds another remedy. Any patient who dislikes medicine very much may receive another therapy.
Q: Do I have to take the medicine regularly?
A: There are two types of medicine. One you should take regularly, the other you should take only when you have symptoms.@For example, antidepressants should be taken everyday. After 1 or 2 weeks after taking it, you will feel better. Meanwhile, the antianxiety drugs and the sleeping pills should be taken only when there are symptoms. You should continue to take the medicine until the symptoms disappear. If the condition doesnft improve, you shouldnft stop taking the medicine.
Q: How should I cope with stress from my job?
A:You should be careful not to overwork yourself and realize your limitations. You should be careful not to overestimate your own abilities. You should be attentive to your mental and physical conditions, and slow down the pace of your work when stress is beginning to occur. For me light stress means insomnia and irritation and heavy stresst means diarrhea and hives.
The person who canft say gNoh when asked to do some favor and who naturally are apt to want to do as others expect them to, should be attentive to their condition. You should change your thinking and take care of yourself first.
QFIs there something I can do so that I might cure myself without medicine?
A: you should take time to meditate. Thinking too much is one of the causes of all mental diseases. Thinking too much consumes your energy and reduces your resistance to the illness. You should try to make time to meditate anywhere for any length of time. When you walk, you can empty your mind by concentrating on the way you walk and the movement of your body. When you sit, you should concentrate on your respiration and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts.
Q: How much does the treatment cost?
A: The cost of treatment depends on the kind of insurance you have. It varies from 10% to 30% of the total cost. And it varies depending on what medicine you take. The estimated cost may be from 2000 yen to 4000 yen for the first visit.